Meet our Family Advocates!! 


Laura Cooper

"I love working at WCCS Head Start because it allows me to help families in the community learn about valuable resources that may make their lives easier."


Stephanie Spahr

"I enjoy my job because helping children is always something that has felt natural to me.  I love knowing their families and seeing them grow up and do great things in life.  Doing this job makes me feel proud of all of the kids that have come through the doors of Head Start and are going to grow up into great students & individuals.  When I see how proud our parents are of their children.  I feel the same way as if they were my own kids.  I love giving back to a community that has given me so much in my own life and I feel like children are our most important asset."

jenny .jpg

Jenny Cox

“I love working with my families and to watch them grow and learn.  To be able to assist my families and be a part of their lives is a wonderful gift to me”

Kelsie Nemeth

Kelsie joined WCCS Family Services Department in 2019! 


Raivan Peterson 

Raivan joined our Family Services Department in April 2021!