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Why is parent involvement so important? 

Great question! Studies have shown that the more parents and guardians are involved in their children's education, the better off their kids will be - both emotionally and academically! At WCCS Head Start, we provide many ways that you can become involved and stay engaged with not only the program, but your child. These include: Parent Meetings/Family Fun Nights, Parent Info Classes, goal setting, serving on parent committees or Policy Council, volunteering in the classroom or to go on field trips, just to name a few!


What is Policy Council? How do I sign up?

Being a part of the Policy Council is just one of the ways you can have a huge impact on our Head Start program. Shared governance is shared decision making between the Head Start Policy Council and the West Central Community Services, Inc. Board of Directors. It provides parents a direct way to support the delivery of quality services to children and their families. Program planning is a very key role in the success of our Head Start program. The Policy Council makes important decisions around: employment of staff, Head Start grant applications, including budget planning, creating staff standards of conduct, and recruitment of children and families. In order to be a member of the Policy Council, it is very important to attend the Parent Meeting/Family Fun Night held at the beginning of the school year. This is when nominations and elections are made. Be sure to keep attending those Parent Meetings/Family Fun Nights to know if there is a vacancy in any of the membership slots! 


Home Visit? Again? I thought I just had one?! 

The home visit is a basic component of the Head Start program. First and foremost, it is a great opportunity for our teaching staff and family services staff to get to know YOUR child and YOUR family! We want to be sure that the services we are providing are what you actually need! As we all know, the needs of our families can change throughout the year; by keeping in touch through home visits, we are aware of those changing needs and able to get you the help you need. It is also a great opportunity to share your family's successes that have gone on throughout the year! Please remember, that family services staff provide at least 2 home visits per school year and teaching staff provide 2 home visits per year, too! 


What is a Family Partnership Agreement? Do I have to do it?

The Family Partnership Agreement is another way for our staff to identify your needs and get your family the help that it needs. Together with your Family Advocate, goals will be set when your child enters Head Start. The Family Advocate will research community resources to help you in meeting those goals throughout the year. Completing a Family Partnership Agreement is one way to really see the progress of how hard your family has worked to be successful. It is a great tool and you should be excited to complete it!


These are just a few questions we have answered here, if you have any others, please contact your Family Advocate!!

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