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About our Transportation Services

WCCS may provide bus transportation services to and from school, but it is not a guarantee that services will be provided to all children. Because we are limited by the size of our fleet and the number of our Transportation Staff. We appreciate families who are able to transport their own children. Their generosity and support in this area enables Head Start to offer busing to children who may not be able to attend without bus services.

 Please contact your Family Advocate if you have any questions. 
Getting our children to school safely and in an efficient amount of time is of the upmost importance to the staff at Head Start. Our staff are trained on safety day in and day out. The transportation staff work hard to make sure our buses are an extension of our Head Start classrooms. 

Please remember some of our Bus Policies & Procedures (located in the Parent Handbook):

  • Only parents/legal guardians or their authorized designee must accompany their child to and from the bus; and all children must be signed in and off the bus. 

  • All children will be secured wearing a safety harness. The bus monitors are responsible for ensuring children are buckled in safely and securely.

  • Bus schedules may vary due to extenuating circumstances so please watch for the bus to arrive 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the usual pick up times.

  • Children will not be released to individuals under the age of 16 unless special permission is received.

  • If your child is ill or will not be riding the bus that morning, please call the office to let us know. Monmouth : 309/734-3151, 867-3151 or Galesburg : 309/343-6102, 462-3151.

  • If school needs to be closed due to severe weather, power outage or any other cancellations, we will use Blackboard Connect, Facebook and ChildPlus to contact families. Please be sure your contact phone numbers are up-to-date with your Family Advocate.

Meet Our Transportation Staff


Jeff is the Transportation & Facilities Manager. He also drives the bus sometimes!


Mr. John has been with Head Start for over 10 YEARS! Mr. John loves talking to the kiddos whenever he can.


Mr. Dennis has been with Head Start since 2012. He loves picking the kiddos up in Warren County.


Mr. Bob has been with Head Start since 2012! He enjoys helping out with the kiddos whenever he is needed.


Leroy Dobson joined our Head Start Family 9/1/17! He transports Knoxville and Galesburg children!


Scott Holden joined our team Spring 2020!


Brad Underwood joined our team February 2021!


Dana Bonner drives the Abingdon Head Start bus.

Safe Bus Rider

All Head Start children receive training on how to be a safe bus rider and pedestrian, whether they ride the bus daily or only on special occasions. The curriculum includes:

  • Being a safe bus rider

  • Safely getting on and off the bus

  • Crossing the street with help from an adult

  • Danger zones around the bus

  • Safely evacuating the bus in an emergency

  • How to use a seat belt or restraint

Parents, you can help your children learn these skills by talking about them at home and when taking their children for a ride in the car.

Families can help ensure a safe riding experience for children who ride a Head Start bus by carefully walking them to and from the bus stop.


Children who have to cross the street to board or get off the bus should have their hand held by a parent or bus monitor.

The Head Start Transportation Staff looks forward to partnering with parents to teach children different skills and habits that will help them be safe riders and pedestrians at Head Start and at home. 

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