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Who We Are

West Central Community Services, Inc. is the grantee for a Federally funded preschool program called Head Start and a birth to 3 Federally funded program called Early Head Start. We provide children ages 3-5 with a center-based school readiness program and a home based birth to age 3 school readiness program.


Head Start experience has shown that the needs of children vary considerably from community to community and that to serve those needs effectively, programs should be individualized.


Head Start is successful in providing children and families with high-quality, school readiness programs because we follow very specific guidance from the Office of Head Start. Check them out!

"Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted."-G.Keillor

WCCS, Inc. Management Team

Mary J. Reed - Executive/Head Start Director

Tara Aplin - Education Manager 

Amy Winkler - Health/Nutrition Services Manager

Jeff Flynn - Transportation and Facilities Manager

Lisa Medina-Foshay - Family Services Manager

Cassy Jacob- Mental Health/Disabilities Manager

Angela Larkins - Fiscal Officer


Early Childhood Development // Preparing Our Children for Kindergarten // School Readiness


As soon as children enter our program, efforts to ready them for kindergarten begin. One way we accomplish school readiness is by utilizing the Creative Curriculum and the Teaching Strategies GOLD Online Assessment. These tools support all types of learners, which include children with special needs and children with advanced knowledge and skills. 

Health & Nutrition Services


Parents are given resources and are encouraged to establish medical and dental homes for their families. All Head Start staff partner with parents to ensure that all children are up to date in medical and dental care. Attendance is monitored in order to track health issues and assist with treatment and follow up if needed. The Health/Nutrition Services Manager works to engage parents in developing skills to encourage early intervention and prevention of health concerns. 


Mental Health & Disabilities Services


Head Start regulations require that at least 10% of the total number of children enrolled in our program be diagnosed with a disability. In our program this number is 31 children. Head Start works closely with all local school districts to service children with disabilities in a more individualized way.

Head Start Crew 2021.HEIC
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