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Look Familiar?

It should! This placemat is in YOUR child's classroom.

There are lots of ways we can help our children understand the importance of healthy eating and active lifestyles.  At Head Start we strive to provide healthy meals for all of our children!  Be sure to double check your Newsletter to make sure which week we are on. If your child is on a special diet, our teachers and our food service vendor, Henderson County Health Department, is already aware of that!

Smart Shopping for Veggies and Fruits

1. Celebrate the season

Use fresh veggies and fruits that are in season. They are easy to get, have more flavor and are usually less expensive. Your local farmer's market is a great source of seasonal produce!


2. Why pay full price???

Check the local newspaper, online and at the store for coupons and specials that will cut food costs. Often, you can get more for less by visiting larger grocery stores. 


3. Stick to your list

Plan out your meals ahead of time and make a grocery list. You will save money by buying only what you need. 


4. Try canned or frozen

Compare the price and the number of servings from fresh, canned and frozen forms of the same fruit. For canned items, choose fruit canned in 100% fruit juice and vegetables with 'low sodium' or 'no salt added' on the label.


5. Buy small amounts frequently

Some fresh vegetables and fruits don't last long. Buy small amounts more often to ensure you can eat the foods without throwing any away.

DG TipSheet No. 9 - September 2011

United States Department of Agriculture

From our Health/Nutrition Srvs Manager

"Good nutrition is key in the healthy development of all children. Even before their baby is born, pregnant mom’s need to eat healthy to help their baby develop and grow. Head Start is committed to helping families provide what each child needs to stay happy, healthy, and strong.  


Healthy meals and snacks, health and nutrition education for the whole family, and collaboration of services with the family’s doctors and dentists are provided and individualized in order to meet each family’s unique needs.


Head Start works to provide experiences and build knowledge in order for children to have strong, healthy minds and bodies. Partnering with families and the child’s health care providers, Head Start helps form a team that will help to grow each child into a champion! "


Head Start and Early Head Start programs (referred to as Head Start throughout) provide education and health services in the context of the family and community.


Good oral health is a key element of Head Start's health services and essential to a child's behavioral, speech, language and overall growth and development.

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